Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

At Wild Thingz, we add an element of energy efficiency to all the custom barriers we make. Our products are designed to keep problem pests out and comfortable air in to give your home an appropriate atmosphere for the whole family to enjoy. Review three of our most attractive products below then contact a Wild Thingz associate for installation details:


Our automated foundation vents have the ability to open and close at the right temperatures to keep your home energy efficient. These vents are custom made, weather, wildlife, and rust proof, and they come in standard black, as well as custom-made colors.   

Vapor Barrier


Vapor barriers cut down on the moisture and humidity in a crawl space. They also reduce harmful mold. We custom cut your vapor barrier to fit your crawl spaces so there are no gaps between the ground and the plastic. This custom-cutting process ensures optimal energy efficiency and prevents animals from burrowing in where they do not belong. 

Crawl Space Doors

Wild Thingz custom-made crawl space doors are extremely tight. There are no spaces or separations for drafts or pests to get into, and our doors can be made to your exact specifications.