Wildlife Removal: Northeast Columbia

When it comes to wildlife removal, Northeast Columbia SC and surrounding areas can rely on Wild Thingz for fast, permanent, and ethical services.

We provide wildlife removal in the following locations:

Local wildlife typically makes its way into and around your property via weakened or damaged areas in your property structure. Untrimmed trees are also a common vector.

When it comes to squirrels and rats, gaps in soffits, eaves, and roofs are typical access points.

Invasive wildlife in your home brings many problems—property damage, chewed wires, foul odors, dead animals, and of course, diseases due to the bacteria and parasites these creatures carry.

For wildlife removal, Northeast Columbia SC residents can expect their problems to be solved fast.

Men In Hazmat Suits - wildlife removal columbia sc

Wildlife Removal—Northeast Columbia—Services We Specialize In

Squirrel Removal

Racoon Removal

Bat Removal

Rat Removal

Opossum Removal

Snake Removal

How We Work

Just give us a call and we’ll set up a time for an inspection.

We utilize a variety of tools and skills that give us an edge over our competitors—expect fast, permanent solutions backed with a lifetime guarantee.

Invasive wildlife typically comes with a lot of property damage, and we’re happy to discuss repairs to various areas of your property, including ducts, the insulation, soffits, eaves, and other important areas of your home.

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