Animal Removal Melrose Heights



Wild Thingz Wildlife Removal has proudly served Melrose Heights and surrounding areas in South Carolina for over ten years as a professional wildlife removal service. From residential wildlife removal to large scale commercial wildlife removal projects we have performed a vast array of different trapping, removal, and exclusion jobs in the Midlands.

As professionals, we will inspect your residence thoroughly for any signs of wildlife, entrances, damages and any biological waste that not only deteriorates your home, but is a risk to the health of you and your family. We perform any and all animal removal services and related services to include odor control, comprehensive decontamination, vapor barrier replacement and installation, preventative maintenance and many more to fit the necessary services that may be required for any home within the Melrose Heights area.

Wild Thingz Wildlife Removal services begin with an in-depth inspection of any affected areas providing you with a full assessment of the damage done by any wildlife. Entry and exit points aren't the only damage wild animals can incur upon your home. Potential biological hazards such as odor and disease are often overlooked by others, but not by us. All kinds of wildlife are seen in the South Carolina Midlands however, Bats, Squirrels, Raccoons, Possums and Rats are the most common cause of damage to homes within Melrose Heights, South Carolina.

If you are struggling with any unwanted wildlife guests, don't hesitate to call one of our specialists at 803-738-8003 or schedule an appointment today before any real damage is done to your home.

Trusted by South Carolina Homes and Businesses and a member of the NWCOA.