Animal Removal Eau Claire



The most common wildlife in Eau Claire, South Carolina are Bats, Squirrels, Raccoons, Possums and Rats. Wild Thingz Wildlife Removal inspections provide the most professional advice and recommendations for any needs and concerns involving the removal of wildlife and repairing the damage the wild animals leave behind. Our more popular services include HVAC and insulation removal and replacement, animal removal, trapping, wildlife prevention services and maintenance, decontamination, disease control, exclusion and restoration services.

Wildlife is a nuisance on its own, but the damage left behind can not only compromise the structure of your home, but threaten the health of you and your family. As an ethical business, Wild Thingz Wildlife Removal safely traps and removes any unwanted wildlife house guests, disposes of and repairs damages within or on your property, as well as decontamination, and sealing off previous and potential entrance points to prevent the return of wildlife. We at Wild Thingz Wildlife Removal are wildlife experts and we will assess the situation and determine the most professional and swift route of action so you don't have to.

We pride ourselves in the ethical treatment of all wildlife, their Removal and the professional services we provide to restore, decontaminate, and protect your property in Eau Claire, South Carolina. Our Services ensure that once the wildlife is removed from within your property they stay removed.

If you are struggling with any unwanted wildlife guests, don't hesitate to call one of our specialists at 803-738-8003 or schedule an appointment today before any real damage is done to your home.

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