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If you are hearing animal-like noises within your attic, basement or crawlspace, please contact Wild Thingz LLC for an inspection before your home incurs additional damage.

Rodent Damage to Dryer Vent Duct

Depending on the area, some homes have crawlspaces that are typically no more than three feet above ground. These crawlspaces make it easier for the homeowner to hide ducts, plumbing, and wires beneath the house. Crawlspaces are also a perfect place for rodents and wild animals to easily setup home safe from the outside elements. The amount of damage created by the wild animals in your crawlspace can vary greatly depending upon how long they have been there, in addition to what sources are available to allow them entrance into your home.

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Wildlife Removal: Columbia SC

We bring the community a dependable wildlife control service.

Restoration Services

Unwanted guests can cause serious damage to your home. Let the professionals take care of it.

Inspection Services

Wildlife can be seriously sneaky - we specialize in identifying entry points.

Wildlife Trapping

Let the professionals handle the removal of your unwanted guests.

Carcass Removal

Deceased wildlife are a part of nature - let the professionals take care of it.

Waste Remediation

Wildlife leaves behind potentially harmful waste. We make sure it's removed safely and efficiently.

Exclusion Services

We make sure your unwanted guests can't return.

What Sets Us Apart

We provide Wildlife Control in the Midlands region of South Carolina, but it doesn’t end there. After your unwanted guests are vacated from your property, we provide construction and exclusion services to not only fix, but prevent future damages caused by raccoons, bats, opposums, rats and other wildlife. Once your services are complete, you won’t be able to tell there was a problem in the first place.

When it comes to wildlife removal, Columbia SC and surrounding areas need businesses that are both effective and ethical. We use a variety of tools and skills that set us apart from our competitors and offer the most comprehensive warranty available backed by a lifetime guarantee. Please call (803) 738-8003 or ask your technician for more details.

When it comes to wildlife removal, Columbia SC residents should expect more than simple animal removal. This tackles the symptom, but doesn’t address the cause, which leaves your property vulnerable to further wildlife problems in the future.

Beyond our humane removal services, we also seal off entry points that give wildlife access to your home or commercial property, fix problems around your property that make wildlife infestation easy, and we even provide minor tree and plant trimming to make it harder for large animals like raccoons and opossums to get to your property.

In short, our wildlife removal Columbia SC services help in both the short and long term—we intend them to be permanent and offer a lifetime guarantee.

Give us a call at 803-738-8003 or ask your technician for more details.

We have tools and skills that set us apart from our competitors, and you can rest assured that our pest control services in Columbia are humane and ethical. We safely gather live wildlife and relocate them far away from your property. From trapping to loading up and relocating them, the wildlife in your home will be sent off to a new home more habitable for them (and more agreeable to you).

The wildlife removal Columbia SC residents need doesn’t just include live animal removal, but dead animal removal services as well—especially if you’ve been experiencing a rat, mice, squirrel, or other rodent infestation for a long period of time.

These creatures don’t just carry plenty of diseases and parasites while alive, but when they die, they pollute your living space with illness-causing bacteria and foul odors that make your home or business uninhabitable. 

Pest control is about more than just removing live animals. Our wildlife removal technicians gather up all dead animals from your property and haul them off.

We offer the wildlife removal Columbia SC residents can rely on not only because they are permanent and ethical, but we also offer restoration services for your property afterwards.

Wildlife infestations typically lead to damage to your property, especially the dryer vent duct system (a common problem of rodent infestation). This is especially common for homes with crawl spaces that are mere feet above the ground—rodents can easily access these spaces and wreak havoc on the ducts, plumbing, wires, everything else underneath your house.

The damage is, of course, dependent on how long you’ve had the infestation and how large the infestation actually is, but our technicians can assess the damage and give you an estimate of the cost of repairs. We can then restore the damage after access points have been sealed off and all wildlife have been removed.

Beyond damage to duct systems, wildlife like squirrels, raccoons, and opossums can cause serious damage to your home’s siding, areas on your roof, your gutters, and other areas of your home. We can help in this regard as well after a thorough inspection.

Many people don’t know what kind of wildlife they are dealing with. This is understandable—when you’re hearing loud noises in the attack or scratching your walls, it can be difficult to tell what kind of creature it is, how many of these creatures you’re dealing with, and how best to take care of them.

Many resort to DIY pest control methods like poisoning, but this only leads to a host of other problems—it most likely won’t kill off everything, and then you’re dealing with not only an animal infestation but a lot of carcasses on top of it.

We know the tell-tale signs of animal infestations and can narrow down what exactly you’re dealing with, be it bats, rats, squirrels, and all things wild.

We look for snake droppings, trails, types of damage, and can often identify what type of creature you’re dealing with just by the smell. 

We’re experts at trapping these creatures humanely and relocating them from your home or commercial property. Afterward, we will seal off entry points and can do work around your property to prevent these creatures from getting access ever again. This is why our services are backed with a lifetime guarantee—give us a call or ask your technician for more information!

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Squirrel Removal Services

Squirrels are unique creatures, but they are still nuisance animals that can be responsible for a wide variety of damages in and around your home.

Raccoon - raccoon removal columbia sc

Raccoon Removal Services

Raccoons can be funny to watch and can even be considered cute at times. While they certainly are entertaining, raccoons are dangerous to your health.

Bat - bat removal columbia sc

Bat Removal Services

Bats are unique and interesting creatures, but they are still nuisance animals that can be responsible for a wide variety of damages in and around your home.

Rat - rat removal columbia sc

Rat Removal Services

Every year in the United States, rats cause between $500 million and $1 billion in property damage or health issues.

Opossum - wildlife removal columbia sc

Opossum Removal Services

The opossum weighs 4 to 7 lbs. and stands 6 to 8 inches high at the shoulder. Females produce at least 2 litters annually.

Snake - snake removal columbia sc

Snake Removal Services

Snakes will enter dwellings through tiny openings and loose cracks, our repair services can block a snakes entry points.

You Don't Have to Live in the Country to be Bothered by Wildlife

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Hearing Strange Noises In The Walls Or Ceiling?

One of the issues with figuring out the identity of the critters in the attic or walls is that most of them will make more or less the same sound—scratching, clawing, squeaking, shuffling, etc.

One way figuring out what type of critter you’re dealing with is noting the time at which you hear the noises.

If you’re hearing critters in the attic or walls during the day, you know you’re dealing with diurnal—or day dwelling—creatures. 

Squirrels are prime examples of the type of pest you’ll find making noise in the attic and walls during the day, with most activity being during the morning and late evening when they return from scavenging for food. If they have babies, you’ll no-doubt hear extremely high-pitched squeaking throughout the day.

Of course, you’ll probably hear some scratching noise in the ceiling at night as well. Squirrels in walls are less common but they do manage to make their way in there sometimes.

Squirrels are high-energy creatures so you’ll likely hear a lot of racing and fast-paced movement. A single squirrel in roof spaces and the attic is enough to distract you, much more so an entire squirrel infestation.

Nocturnal creatures will wake you up at night with shuffling, bumping, and scratching in walls. Some of the most common nocturnal creatures that can infest your home are mice, rats, bats, and raccoons.

If the sound is at night and very loud, you’re probably dealing with a raccoon or opossum, although you’re pretty unlikely to find them running around in your wall voids as rats and mice are prone to do. You’re more likely to be trying to figure out how to get rid of raccoons in attic spaces than from your walls.

The next loudest thing you’ll hear are squirrels, as they are surprisingly heavy creatures that can make a lot of noise.

The next one down would be smaller rodents—rats and mice in walls sound like faint shuffling, scratching, and squeaking.

Bats are probably the quietest animal in attic that you’ll hear—nevertheless, they’ll still make enough noise for you to notice if there are a lot of them.

How to tell the difference between rats or bats in your wall: Bang on the wall—rats will probably stop what they’re doing after going on “alert” mode, whereas bats may start to scratch and bump around more aggressively.

Snakes, for the most part, are going to be pretty much silent. But there are other ways you can tell if you have a snake infestation—seeing shedded snake skin, slither tracks, snake droppings (usually light in color), and a distinctive cloying or musky odor. 

Seeing chewed up wood, nests, and little droppings are clear signs of rodents in attic and wall spaces that are making their way throughout your house at night.

Bigger messes like garbage strewn about the yard and larger property damage to your house’s siding is indicative of raccoons and opossums.

For wildlife removal, Columbia SC residents can rely on Wild Thingz for fast, effective, ethical, and permanent services backed with a lifetime guarantee.