Squirrel Removal Columbia, SC

Squirrel Removal Columbia SC

Wild Thingz Wildlife Removal have seens all types from babies to adults and has been specialized in this service area for ten years now. Due to the environment that the Midlands is in, we see squirrels all over as a primary animal here since their habitat is naturally located within our local neighborhoods and towns. The most common type of squirrel is among their species in South Carolina would be a southern fox squirrel.

All of our removal jobs are done with great attention and ethical care as we see any animals we come in contact to be safe. As their safety is important to us, yours are just as much. We ensure after performing a removal that your health is considered, by taking the time to do a home inspection and decontamination assessment.

If you aren’t sure that there is a potential squirrel in your home there are signs you can look for to confirm or we can do a free consultation as well. Any signs could include droppings, strange noises in the home, anything chewed up ripped and damaged interiors or entry points. We provide the utmost professional advice once we perform any type of assessments, inspections or consultations along with pricing estimates depending on the service.

We offer a lifetime guarantee for our clients as our service is based around satisfaction and a peace of mind. If there is anything that needs to be repaired again or reexamined we will happily return to resolve the problem free of charge, although we are confident a return trip won’t be necessary.

When dealing with squirrels or any animals it’s important to know that it’s a job that has to be done by professional no matter what type of job it is. Let us handle your removing needs and problems so you don’t have to. We are just a phone call away at anytime.

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