At Wild Thingz, we go beyond the standard removal services and protect the integrity of your home. Our insulation services add the highest levels of efficiency and keep unwanted intruders out - permanently. Our trained technicians have the experience and capabilities to work with several types of insulation to suit your home’s specific needs. From loose-fill insulation to roll-in fiberglass and spray foam, you can count on Wild Thingz for a truly effective barrier.

We inspect damaged or compromised insulation for nests then fix problem areas. Often, we find a home’s R Value (the measure of thermal resistance) can be lowered, below state minimums (R19), by troublesome pests. Our insulation services bring homes back up to R38 - double the minimum - and beyond!

While most new homes sit at R30, Wild Thingz can give you a comfortable, insulated home environment that is free of pests and safe for your family. Contact us today and install satisfying, money-saving insulation that can protect your home better than the rest.