Rat Removal in Columbia, SC

Rat Removal Columbia SC

Rats are the most common animal in homes today that are highly undesirable and terrifying to come across. They can also carry diseases along with them that can be harmful to your home and health. Some hazards associated with rats are large infestations, rat-bite fever, infected foods (especially in the pantry) and salmonellosis. Rats are very attracted to insects, grains, sweet tasting foods, fruit, vegetables, eggs or milk. They will also get into nonconsumable items ike leather and fur.

Obvious things we see in homes when trying to locate rats are screeching noises, droppings, eggs, footprints and a general odor. All rats or animals are always removed in a ethical manner as we show great care and attention to their well being. We pride ourselves on ethical removal when dealing with these types of situation and seal off any points of entry that can could persist the issue.

Wild Thingz provide free consultations and price estimates for any services. We also are happy to help with providing inspections and assessments for contamination and other concerns with a follow up of professional advice and recommendations on the best course of action. Your wellness comes first to us here at Wild Thingz so you can live your best life.

We are one phone call away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Wild Thingz also holds a lifetime guarantee for all service jobs we do, however we highly doubt you will need to call us back because the job is done right the first time. If not, we gladly return to fix it for free of charge. We are always here to help at your convenience! We recommend you contact us as soon as you see any signs of rats so we can take care of it immediately and can provide free quotes.

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