Bat Removal in Columbia, SC

Bat Removal Columbia SC

Our company is rated number one as a locally owned and operated animal removal service by our loyal customers. Wild Thingz Wildlife Removal has been specializing in bat removal in Columbia and all surrounding areas for about a decade now. We ensure our customers are satisfied with a lifetime guarantee policy and are available around the clock at anytime of the week at anytime of the day whenever an issue with bats come along.

Have you had issues with bats entering your home and tried diagnosing the issue? Were you successful in figuring out the best method to remove the bat or keeping them out? Are you concern if your home may be contaminated or could be potentially harmful to your living conditions? Our team of experts are here to assist you with this problem as bats are a unique type of animal that requires experience and knowledge when taking action.

Here at Wild Thingz, we have seen a variety of bats as its very common animal that typically gets trapped inside homes. Within this species the traditional big brown bat and Brazilian free-tailed bat are known to be the most prevalent in Columbia, SC and generally in the Midlands.

Common hazards that are associated with bats are infections, rabies and SARS. We are more than happy to do a thorough inspection and assessment. If needed, we will give you realistic and our most recommended course of action following. Once we do trap the bat(s) we make a priority to removal and release it the most ethical method.

Do not hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call in regards to more details, information or for any of your concerns. We pride ourselves on educating our customers and making sure you fully understand whats occuring in your dwellings. We are always here for any of your needs, 24/7!

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