Animal Removal Company in Shandon

Animal Removal in Shandon

Let Wild Thingz be your go to removal service for any of your needs or concerns for your residence. Customers have been choosing us as their number one preferred local business to resolve any needs for almost ten years.

We take all inspections seriously and provide the most professional advice and recommendations for your needs and concerns. There are many services that could be beneficial and needed for your home such as animal removal, exclusion, wildlife prevention, HVAC filters, trapping, preventative maintenance, comprehensive decontamination, vapor barrier installment and replacement, odor control, and restoration services. We also provide assessments to check for any contamination, potential points of entry and more. Snakes, bat, rodents, raccoons and pests are the most common animals and creatures we have experience with and seen in the Midlands.

Shandon is one of the various neighborhoods we serve homeowners in with any wildlife removal needs, we have been serving since 2009. Our wildlife removal experts have been called for assistance in all of the following areas: Columbia, West Columbia, Cayce, Lexington, Irmo, Melrose Heights, Forest Acres, Chapin, Springdale, Blythewood, Ridgeway, Shandon, Arsenal Hill, Elmwood Park, Eau Claire, The Vista, Rose Hill, Olympia, Cottontown and more.

We believe you will not be disappointed by our work, especially due to our lifetime guarantee policy. We will come back to diagnose any lingering issues for no charge at all. We are commonly known for animal removal or pest care. However, we are also more than happy to aid you with other related services such as odor control, comprehensive decontamination, vapor barrier replacement and installation, preventative maintenance.

Wild Thingz is distinctive among competitors for providing free estimates, information professional recommendations and inspections. Your customer satisfaction is our priority.

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