Animal Removal Services in Melrose Heights

Animal Removal Melrose Heights

Wild Thingz Wildlife Removal has proudly served Columbia and surrounding neighborhoods like Melrose Heights for years. From residential pest removal to large scale commercial bat removal projects we have performed a vast array of different trapping, removal, and exclusion jobs in the Midlands. When called upon, we are always happy to provide a free estimate with all of our honest recommendations for any additional services you may benefit from. One thing we have found that has given our clients peace of mind is the fact that our services come with a lifetime guarantee. You read that right, if for some reason you experience an repeat issue with an area we have sealed up and deemed good we will come out and fix the mistake free of charge. We perform any and all animal removal services and related services to include odor control, comprehensive decontamination, vapor barrier replacement and installation, preventative maintenance and much more! Anytime we are called upon we begin the service with an in-depth inspection of any affected areas to be able to provide you with a full assessment. Many times the job goes much further than just simply removing the unwanted animal, but steps must be taken to ensure they stay away or no other critters take its place. Not only can entry and exit points easily go unnoticed, you always need to be aware of any potential biological hazards associated with wild animals.

Melrose Heights is just one of the many neighborhoods we gladly assist homeowners in with any wildlife removal needs, and we have been fortunate enough to provide our services in the area in the past. You never can be too sure what kind of animals you’ll come across in the midlands but we are very used to see raccoons, bats, snakes, rats, opossums decide to take residence in our clients’ homes. If you are a homeowner or business owner you more than likely have better things to do than waste your time trapping a pesky raccoon or evasive bat. Let our experts come in and take care of the situation quickly and safely so you don’t have to. Since 2009, our wildlife removal experts have been called for assistance in all of the following areas: Columbia, West Columbia, Cayce, Lexington, Irmo, Melrose Heights, Forest Acres, Chapin, Springdale, Blythewood, Ridgeway, Shandon, Arsenal Hill, Elmwood Park, Eau Claire, The Vista, Rose Hill, Olympia, Cottontown and more.

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